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The Crystal Beads

In Poland, 1939, a young Jewish girl must reject one and accept the other without understanding why. Her mother is forced to make a heartbreaking sacrifice to keep her daughter safe. Originally an award-winning short story, The Crystal Beads, Lalka's Journey, will be available as a children's picture book in 2022. 
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The Kindness Machine
SKU: 978-1-955119-08-5

Forthcoming from Purple Butterfly Press, Spring 2022 - Now available for pre-order! 
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Mike Nero and The Superhero School
SKU: 978-1-955119-02-3

Forthcoming from Purple Butterfly Press, Spring 2022 - Now available for pre-order! 
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Rupert's Snowman
SKU: 978-1948604710

First Place Winner in the Picture Books 5 & Younger category and Honorable Mention in the Holiday category at the 2021 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards!

"Rupert’s Snowman is a delightful holiday story sure to fill you with warmth." - The Children's Book Review

It’s Christmas Eve and a perfect snow day, or so it seems. Sledging, building snowmen, making snow angels and having snowball fights. But wait! What is this? Why is Rupert racing back up the hill? Join him and his mummy as they are forced to embark on a Snowy Adventure Rescue...
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A Big Change for Daisy
SKU: 978-1948604734

Change is hard! Life is so much easier when you have some coping skills to help you navigate change and new situations.

English Bulldog Daisy's quiet, charmed life with her doting owners is upended one fateful day when a new family member is introduced. Daisy is not sure what she thinks of this new companion, a Chihuahua-Daschund mix named Lilly Rosa with lots of puppy energy! Learn coping skills along with Daisy as she accepts and comes to love her new live-in friend.
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Hi, It's Me! I Have ADHD - Signed Copy

Price: $9.99

Get a special SIGNED edition of Hi, It's Me! I Have ADHD. 

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Hi, It’s Me! I Have ADHD
SKU: 978-1948604383

2nd Place in 2020 Purple Dragonfly Awards - Special Needs / Disability Awareness. Named as 1 of the100 ADHD Books of All Time by BookAuthority.

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Behind The Secret Garden Door
SKU: 978-1948604598

Fall in love with cuddly Teddy MacDougal, an inquisitive West Highland white terrier on his mischievous adventure behind the Secret Garden Door. Once inside the garden, Teddy learns about the perils of the garden specifically, the Red Fox of Kennelworth. Meet all the woodland creatures from the author's garden like the three yellow finches, Farrel the Frog, King Elliot, a monarch butterfly and even Teddy's human little sister Charlotte. As an outspoken westie, Teddy finds himself struggling to fit in with his new friends and discovers a life lesson along the way that will leave you longing for the next book.
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Happy Tears and Rainbow Babies
SKU: 978-1948604789

"What are happy tears and rainbow babies?"

One day, on a walk with Mommy and Daddy, Rosie and Capi learn all about happy tears and rainbow babies. Set against the backdrop of a rainbow, Happy Tears and Rainbow Babies tells the story of how faith brought healing and hope to one family after the pain and loss of miscarriage. Written from a mother to her children, this story engages the reader in a conversation that families everywhere can share and benefit from.

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You Can Call Me Katelyn
SKU: 978-1948604185

What happens when you don't like your name? There's nothing you can do about it, right? But not Katelyn. She didn't like her original name, and she did something about it!

Join Katelyn on her journey as she teaches kids and parents both that if you decide to live your dream, nothing is impossible. Be who you want - it all starts with a choice, no matter your age.

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La Princesa Monroe & Su Final Feliz
SKU: 978-1948604147

La Princesa Monroe es más que SOLO una princesa.

Ella es una niña inteligente e independiente con muchos distintos intereses. Aunque su Reina Madre tiene una idea más tradicional, de encontrarle un príncipe, Monroe quiere explorar, aprender y jugar. Al continuar la princesa hablando su propia verdad, sin un príncipe a su lado, su madre acepta los derechos de su hija. En este cuento, la princesa se salda a sí misma.

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Princess Monroe and Her Happily Ever After
SKU: 978-1948604031

"I am a Princess AND a Warrior." Do you have a daughter who sports tutus and converse shoes with a sword swung over her back? Then she's going to LOVE Princess Monroe, a princess who saves herself!

Princess Monroe is more than just a princess. She's an independent girl with lots of different interests. While her Queen Mom has ideas of finding her a prince, Monroe wants to explore, learn, play, get dirty, and find her own way in the world. As the princess continues to prove that she can do anything she wants, without being saved by a prince, her mom starts to listen. 

Ultimately, Monroe finds her own happy ending.

If you're tired of reading fairy tales about princesses who need a prince to rescue them to your daughter, this spunky little bi-racial princess is the answer for you. 
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