Emma's Sunflower

Emma's Sunflower

Emma's Sunflower
By Phillipa Warden
Published by Purple Butterfly Press
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Hope is at the heart of Emma's Sunflower. Mother Nature knows best! 

Mother Nature has a cunning plan and, much to Emma’s delight, a discarded sunflower seed snuggled deep in the soil grows through the different seasons and emerges on her birthday. The sunflower attracts the family of greenfinch Emma feared lost back to the garden. This lovely picture book covers concepts of nature, birds, seasons, colors, and counting. It's also created with a dyslexia-friendly font.

"A story about how our world overlaps with the natural one when we pay attention. Emma, a white girl with yellow hair, is watching a family of lovely greenfinches at the bird feeder, which she has recently stuffed with sunflower seeds. Emma is surprised to see a crow scare off the birds she was watching just moments ago, and in the process, seeds are scattered everywhere. In winter, Emma's family celebrates festive holidays and it's implied that the seeds are underground. In fact, the tale jumps from idea to idea-from seeds to lambs to apple blossoms to sunflowers to birthdays-and the illustrations are invested in a literal telling of the story. A fully grown sunflower makes an appearance, along with the return of the greenfinches, in time for Emma's birthday. The illustrator's note explains how the font used is more accessible for dyslexic readers; the book also includes a list of activities for further engagement with the story and illustrations. VERDICT A sweet story to add where this team's first book, Rupert's Snowman, is popular." - School Library Journal

5 Star NetGalley Review: "This book brings to life the idea that sometimes the most beautiful experiences come from the saddest of times. Sweet Emma was certainly hurt the greenfinches were chased away, but without the devastation from the big black crow the sunflowers would have never grown. It's a story of patience and having faith that not everything that goes wrong, will stay wrong. Both the words and illustrations are beautiful, they compliment each other wonderfully. I certainly recommend this story to any educator, parent, or child themself!" - Librarian
5 Star Netgalley Review: "Emma's Sunflower is a picture book about a young girl who watches throughout the seasons as a sunflower goes from a seed knocked to the ground by a crow to a beautiful summer sunflower in her backyard. I think that this book would be a great entry way into lessons about plants and seeds, seasons and birds. The story ends with some fun activities you can do after reading, such as going back to look for clues in the pictures or creating your own nature-based art. I think this book would be great for a K-2 classroom or as a provocation for students in preschool-Grade 4 when learning about life cycles and plants. It is a great opportunity to bring literacy, art and science together." - Angie K., Educator
5 Star NetGalley Review: "A fantastic children's book with some gorgeous language. There is so much to discover in this book: bird names, colours, seasons, growth, life cycles. A super addition to any classroom or children's bookshelf." - Laura H., Educator
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