Ralphy's Rules for Feelings

Ralphy's Rules for Feelings

Ralphy's Rules for Feelings
Ralphy's Rules 2
By Talar Herculian Coursey & Riley Herculian Coursey
Published by Purple Butterfly Press
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We have big feelings! Sometimes we don't know what to do with them or how to change our thoughts that cause these feelings. The first day of school can be scary, but ‘Furrapist’ Jackson Johnson and cute pup Ralphy of Ralphy's Rules for the Good Life, are committed to helping a busload of kids understand and manage their big feelings. During the ride to school, Furrapist Jackson Johnson teaches the children that they can choose their emotions and decide how to respond to them. Ralphy and Jackson make the complicated subject of emotional intelligence accessible for kids to understand and more importantly, implement in their everyday lives. So hop on the bus with us and lets learn about how taking charge of our feelings can change our day!

"All feelings are valid but we can choose our feelings based on our thoughts. Change your thoughts and you can change your feelings. Like with all things, it will take practice but start them young and they will be Jedi masters in no time". ~ Talar Herculian Coursey

36 pages | $18.99 USD | 8 X 10 | 978-1-955119-46-7 | January 23, 2024