Welcome to Children's Book Week 2023!

We are so excited to bring you our authors reading their books! We hope you enjoy this special opportunity to not only hear the books being read, but also watch the Q&A with some of the authors.

The Kindness Machine by Christina Dankert

Step into the heartwarming world of The Kindness Machine, a captivating story that offers children a delightful lesson in the art of kindness. When a mysterious new machine appears in Mr. Wilson's second-grade classroom, it transforms the way his students understand the power of kindness. No longer limited to vague instructions, this remarkable contraption demonstrates concrete actions that can bring kindness to life within the classroom and, more importantly, within their own hearts. But the magic doesn't stop at the school gates, as Mr. Wilson reveals a beautiful secret to his students – each of them possesses their very own Kindness Machine, ready to spread goodwill wherever they go.

In the end, The Kindness Machine instills a powerful message that kindness is a choice within everyone's reach. Join Mr. Wilson and his students on a heartening journey to create a world filled with compassion and warmth, one kind decision at a time.


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Mike Nero & the Superhero School by Natasha Carlow 

Mike Nero and the Superhero School is a heartwarming tale that introduces readers to a school like no other, a place where children discover their inner superpowers. Mikey, a shy newcomer, embarks on a journey of self-discovery as he navigates his first day at this extraordinary institution. Meeting an inspiring principal and extraordinary classmates, Mikey learns that beneath their outward appearances, everyone possesses something unique and valuable. This enchanting story challenges stereotypes and embraces diversity, reframing disabilities as superpowers. With vibrant illustrations that radiate energy and movement, "Mike Nero and the Superhero School" is not only an engaging narrative but also a vital educational text that underscores the importance of kindness and acceptance. Dive into this captivating world where every student has the potential to make their school a better place with their own superpower.

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The Crystal Beads, Lalka's Journey by Pat Black-Gould

Enter the turbulent world of 1939 Poland, a place fraught with danger for Jews. In 'The Crystal Beads, Lalka's Journey,' we follow Lalka, a young girl whose mother makes a heart-wrenching choice to protect her by sending her to a convent after embracing Catholicism. This gripping narrative unveils Lalka's journey as she grapples with a new faith and the treacherous Nazi regime. In a world filled with peril, she must make life-altering decisions, testing her bravery and resolve. This story, told from a child's innocent perspective, sheds light on the hidden children of the Holocaust, emphasizing sacrifice and unity in the face of differences.

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Hi, It’s Me! I Have ADHD by Katelyn Mabry

Step into the world of 'Hi, It's Me! I Have ADHD,' an award-winning book that offers a unique perspective on Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) based on personal experience. Through the eyes of a child, this rhyming picture book explores the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of living with ADHD. It provides valuable insights and tips while encouraging empowerment and self-acceptance. Order the paperback directly from the author for a signed copy and fun surprises!

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Princess Monroe and Her Happily Ever After by Jody Smith

Introducing Princess Monroe a delightful tale for parents with daughters who defy stereotypes. Meet Princess Monroe, a young royal who shatters conventions with her unique blend of tutus, converse shoes, and a sword on her back. Monroe is more than just a princess; she's a fiercely independent girl with a world of diverse interests. While her Queen Mom envisions a prince to rescue her, Monroe dreams of exploration, learning, play, and forging her own path in the world.

As the story unfolds, Princess Monroe demonstrates that she's more than capable of achieving anything she desires, without relying on a prince's rescue. Her resolute spirit sends a powerful message, prompting her mother to reconsider her perspective. In the end, Monroe discovers her very own happy ending.

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Rupert's Snowman by Phillipa Warden 

Step into the enchanting world of Rupert's Snowman on a picturesque Christmas Eve, where a pristine snowfall blankets the landscape. The day promises the perfect snow-filled adventure with sledding, snowman building, making snow angels, and lively snowball fights. But suddenly, young Rupert's day takes an unexpected turn when he finds himself racing back up the hill, setting the stage for a remarkable snowy adventure rescue.

Join Rupert and his mother as they embark on a heartwarming journey, filled with unexpected twists and creative solutions. Rupert's Snowman is a captivating picture book that blends the magic of the holiday season with the warmth of a unique connection, offering a delightful story that resonates with young readers and parents alike. Clarion praises it as a tale where a boy's ingenuity brings a snowman's loneliness to life, making it a must-read for all ages.


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Emma's Sunflower by Phillipa Warden 

Experience the heartwarming journey of hope and nature's resilience in 'Emma's Sunflower.' Mother Nature takes the lead, orchestrating a delightful plan that unfolds through the changing seasons. An abandoned sunflower seed, carefully tucked into the soil, becomes the symbol of hope and growth, eventually blooming on Emma's special day. As the sunflower blossoms, it also has a magical way of reuniting Emma's family with the beloved greenfinches she once thought were lost.

This charming picture book not only explores the wonders of nature, the beauty of birds, and the passage of seasons but also introduces young readers to the vibrant world of colors and the joy of counting. What makes 'Emma's Sunflower' even more exceptional is its thoughtful use of a dyslexia-friendly font, ensuring that every child can embrace the story's magic and meaning.

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Famous Seaweed Soup by Antoinette T Martin

Join Sara on a delightful family beach day in Famous Seaweed Soup, where she has a special treat in mind – her renowned Seaweed Soup. But whipping up her delicious creation is no small task, and when she seeks assistance from her busy family, their preoccupations leave her to tackle the challenge solo. With unwavering determination, Sara decides, 'I'll do it myself.' As the day unfolds, follow along to discover who Sara invites to savor her Famous Seaweed Soup. This heartwarming story encapsulates a fun-filled day at the beach while imparting valuable lessons of resilience and independence. It's a tale that reminds us of the joys that can be found in self-reliance and the special connections that can be forged when one's creativity and perseverance shine.

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Ralphy's Rules for Living the Good Life

Enter the delightful world of 'Joey and Ralphy: Lessons in Emotional Intelligence,' where a cranky squirrel named Joey and a cheerful dog named Ralphy come together to teach your children a valuable lesson in understanding and managing their emotions.

When Joey and Ralphy cross paths at the park, it's evident that Joey could benefit from a lesson in 'Ralphy's Rules for the Good Life.' Through their endearing friendship, Joey learns the essential values of kindness, not taking things personally, and the courage to face challenges. These crucial life skills are never too early to learn, and this charming duo serves as the perfect companions to open the door to meaningful conversations about emotional intelligence with your kids. Prepare for a heartwarming journey that both educates and entertains, leaving a lasting impression on young hearts.

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