Celebrating National Rainbow Baby Day

Aug 15, 2023 by Alexa Bigwarfe
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Every life is precious, and the joy of welcoming a new baby into the world is incomparable. However, the journey to parenthood isn't always without challenges. On National Rainbow Baby Day, observed on August 22nd, we honor the strength and resilience of families who have experienced the loss of a child but found healing and hope in the form of a "Rainbow Baby." Today, we celebrate the power of family discussions, healing, and the support found in heartwarming books like "Sunshine After the Storm: A Survival Guide for the Grieving Mother" by Alexa Bigwarfe and "Happy Tears and Rainbow Babies" by Natasha Carlow.


Healing through Shared Experiences: Sunshine After the Storm by Alexa Bigwarfe

Losing a child, experiencing a miscarriage, or the death of an infant can be an indescribable pain, one that leaves parents feeling lost and broken. Sunshine After the Storm, is a beacon of light, compassion, and understanding for mothers going through such heart-wrenching experiences.\

Drawing from her own journey of loss, Alexa compiled a collection of stories from mothers who have endured similar grief. These brave women share their personal accounts of how they coped, what helped them heal, and the valuable resources that offered support during their darkest days. Reading their stories provides a virtual hug from fellow mothers who comprehend the pain and reaffirms that healing is a gradual process, one that is unique for every individual.

Alexa's book serves as a heartfelt guide to offer solace, encouragement, and hope to parents navigating the challenging path of grief. Sunshine After the Storm is a testament to the power of shared experiences and the strength that can be found in the embrace of a supportive community.


The Radiance of New Beginnings: Happy Tears and Rainbow Babies by Natasha Carlow

In Happy Tears and Rainbow Babies, Natasha Carlow skillfully weaves a touching narrative about happy tears and the magic of rainbow babies. Set against the backdrop of a beautiful rainbow, the book tells the story of Rosie and Capi as they learn about faith, healing, and hope from their parents.


The book gently addresses the sensitive topic of miscarriage, offering families a conversation starter to explore their emotions and experiences together. Through the tale of Rosie and Capi's family, "Happy Tears and Rainbow Babies" encourages open discussions, ensuring that children comprehend the love and resilience that brought them into the world.


Natasha Carlow's book is a heartwarming and reassuring read, allowing families everywhere to embrace hope and find comfort in their journey to healing. As an Itinerant Counsellor from Trinidad and Tobago, Natasha brings a wealth of compassion and understanding to her storytelling, making the book a valuable resource for families facing similar challenges.


National Rainbow Baby Day is a beautiful occasion to celebrate the strength, resilience, and love that families embody, even in the face of profound loss. Sunshine After the Storm by Alexa Bigwarfe and Happy Tears and Rainbow Babies by Natasha Carlow are two poignant books that remind us of the importance of family discussions and healing after the loss of a baby and before the coming of a new baby.


These books offer comfort, hope, and a sense of togetherness during times of grief. They remind us that while the pain may be immense, there is always a glimmer of hope that leads to new beginnings - just like the vibrant colors of a rainbow after a storm. Embrace the healing power of these books and celebrate the beautiful resilience of families everywhere on National Rainbow Baby Day!


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