Princess Monroe is Now a Ballet!

Nov 20, 2021 by Alexa Bigwarfe, in News & updates
Jody Smith, author of our amazing girl power book, Princess Monroe & Her Happily Ever After, came to us about a year ago and said she'd been talking to a local ballet company about her book, Princess Monroe. Through their conversation, the idea came up: what if we made a really contemporary ballet from the book?? She told me about this, including the fact that they'd be using a local music artist to record the narration, and I thought it was the coolest idea ever.

Princess Monroe & Her Happily Ever After is a modern day fairy tale, with a very strong female lead. When Queen mom tells her it's time to find a prince, she tells her mother she's too busy learning and living, playing sports, learning science, gardening, and all of those things, to find a prince. This princess saves herself.

The characters are diverse and it is well suited for a very modern version based on a very classic royal story.

The end result is incredible. And they've graciously provided the video so that we can all enjoy!


We're so excited about this video and hope you'll enjoy it too!

Share it with all your princesses who are living their best lives!

And be sure to check out the book - which is also available in Spanish!