‘Hi It’s Me! I Have ADHD’ Helps Neurodivergent Children Embrace Themselves

Jul 01, 2024 by Alexa Bigwarfe, in News & updates
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, touches the lives of many children and adults, bringing unique challenges but also special strengths. For children, understanding that their brains work differently can be tough. They might feel out of place or think there’s something wrong with them. But here’s the good news: books like Hi It’s Me! I Have ADHD are here to change that narrative!

Hi It’s Me! I Have ADHD helps children embrace their differences, making them feel less alone and more special. This book offers a fun and clear introduction to ADHD, explaining it in a way that’s exciting and easy to understand. It reassures kids that their behaviors and feelings are not something to be demonized but simply parts of who they are. It’s all about seeing ADHD as a unique trait and finding inner strengths.

The author, Katelyn Mabry, was diagnosed with ADHD as a child and uses her experience to empower others. Through rhymes and relatable experiences, the book shows children that it’s okay to think and feel differently. It includes tips, coloring pages, and journaling prompts to help kids navigate their emotions and see the bright side of their ADHD.

From thinking super fast to feeling big emotions, the child in this book shares her journey, wishing adults could see and understand what’s going on inside her head. This insight is invaluable, offering a glimpse into the ADHD experience and showing kids they’re not alone.

And there’s more! The book redefines ADHD in a positive light: “A stands for Adventurous, D stands for Determined, H stands for Hyper-focused, and D stands for Dreamer.” This empowering perspective helps children see their diagnosis as a source of strength. It communicates that ADHD doesn’t define them – their dreams and abilities do.

With the support of family, friends, and teachers, ADHD can be seen as a positive trait. At the end of the book, Katelyn Mabry shares practical tips for children, parents, and educators, all delivered in a simple yet profound way.

So, let’s celebrate ADHD and all the wonderful, unique gifts that come with it! Hi It’s Me! I Have ADHD is a beacon of positivity, helping children understand, embrace, and thrive with their ADHD.

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