5 Social Emotional Activities for Children & Families

Jan 04, 2024 by Alexa Bigwarfe, in News & updates

In the world of emotions, especially for children, understanding and managing big feelings can be challenging. Ralphy's Rules for Feelings offers a journey through the complexities of emotions, providing valuable insights for both children and parents. Here are 5 Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) activities inspired by the wisdom of Ralphy and Jackson. Begin to grow as a family by better understanding your feelings. 


Activity 1: Feelings Journaling

Invite your child to create a feelings journal. Encourage them to draw or write about their emotions each day. Discuss the entries together, emphasizing that all feelings are valid and exploring the reasons behind them. This activity promotes self-awareness and open communication.

Activity 2: Emotion Charades

Transform the living room into a stage for Emotion Charades. Use index cards with different emotions written on them, and take turns acting out the emotions without speaking. After each round, discuss how each emotion feels and when you might have experienced it. This activity enhances empathy and emotional recognition.

Activity 3: Creating a Safe Space

Work together to create a designated "Safe Space" in your home—a cozy corner or a specific room where anyone can retreat when feeling overwhelmed. Decorate it with calming colors and comforting objects. Discuss the purpose of the Safe Space and how it can be utilized for self-soothing.

Activity 4: Storytelling with Feelings

Encourage your child to create their own short stories or drawings that express various emotions. Share these stories as a family, discussing the characters' feelings and the outcomes of their emotional journeys. This activity fosters creativity, emotional expression, and narrative skills.

Activity 5: Empathy Rocks

Collect smooth stones and paint different emotions on each one. Use these "Empathy Rocks" to facilitate discussions about feelings. Ask questions like, "When was the last time you felt this way?" or "How can we support someone who feels like this?" This activity enhances emotional intelligence and empathy.


Ralphy's Rules for Feelings serves as a valuable guide for families navigating the layers emotions. By incorporating these Social-Emotional Learning activities, inspired by the book's characters, families can embark on a shared journey of emotional exploration, understanding, and growth. Together, we can make big emotions a little bit easier to handle. 

Be sure to add the activity of reading the Ralphy’s Rules Series to your family’s list! Raphy’s second book, Ralphy’s Rules for Feelings launched on January 23rd, order your copy today!