The Kindness Machine Special Feature

Feb 21, 2024 by Alexa Bigwarfe, in News & updates

The book The Kindness Machine by Christina Dankert teaches that kindness is a trait ingrained in us all and that we can do even the smallest acts to spread kindness to others! There are 5 kindness principles throughout the book and we have created 5 activities to go with them for your family or classroom to do. This month is the birthday celebration of The Kindness Machine. We hope these activities inspire you and that you or someone you know may benefit from our birthday sale (find more info at the bottom of the activities)!  


Be a Kindness Chef with these activities: 

Smile Stones:

Gather smooth rocks or stones and colorful permanent markers. Have the kids decorate the stones with happy faces and uplifting messages. Once completed, they can place the Smile Stones in places where others can find them, like parks or sidewalks, spreading smiles wherever they go.

Kindness Notes:

Provide small pieces of paper or sticky notes along with markers or crayons. Encourage the kids to write kind messages or draw pictures of things that make them happy on each note. They can then hide these Kindness Notes around the house or classroom/school for others to discover, brightening someone's day with their thoughtful words.

Love Yourself Mirror:

Give your child a small mirror (or get a larger one for the classroom) and washable markers. Have them write positive affirmations or draw symbols of self-love and acceptance directly onto the mirror. They can decorate it however they like, making it a daily reminder to love and appreciate themselves just the way they are.

Invitation Cards:

Provide blank index cards or cut-out shapes and art supplies like crayons, stickers, and glitter. Encourage the kids to create invitation cards inviting someone to join them for a special activity, like a game night or picnic, or playing a fun game at recess! Once they've decorated their cards, they can hand them out to friends, family members, or classmates, spreading kindness through the gesture of inclusion.

Kindness Recipe Cards:

Give each child a blank recipe card or piece of paper and markers. Ask them to write down one act of kindness they can do for someone else, such as giving a compliment or helping with chores. They can decorate the cards with drawings or stickers to make them colorful and engaging. Encourage them to keep their Kindness Recipe Cards handy as a reminder to practice kindness every day.


These kindness activities are perfect for families or classrooms to enjoy together, promoting empathy, compassion, and positivity in a fun and engaging way. Celebrate The Kindness Machine’s birthday by participating in these activities with your kiddos, checking out & sharing this birthday discount where you can receive $8 off the hardcover and $3 off the softcover, and make sure to participate in our Kindness Machine Instagram Challenge (instructions found in the activity pack & on Instagram)!  


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