Drop Everything and Read! - our top 10 picks for family reads

Mar 28, 2024 by Alexa Bigwarfe, in News & updates

Drop Everything and Read is a great way to create fun and excitement around reading. 

The National D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything and Read) Day is celebrated every year on April 12th. 

Just in time for D.E.A.R. we’ve created a list of the top 10 books that you could choose to read with your family!

  1. Mike Nero and the Superhero School

First days can be tough, especially for someone as shy as Mikey. But school is a little different. On his first day, he meets his principal and some incredible children who help him discover his own inner superpower. Through this he learns that no matter what we may look like on the outside, everyone is special. 

  1. Ruby's Heart Song

Ruby the Penguin desperately wants to sing in the talent show, but she is feeling anxious about performing. Her friend, Pengwee Penguin, chats with her and through discussing his own experiences, is able to help her work through her worries. 

  1. Ralphy's Rules for Feelings

Sometimes we don't know how to cope with new and big feelings. Events like the first day of school can bring these out! Luckily ‘Furrapist’ Jackson Johnson and Ralphy are committed to helping a busload of kids understand and manage their big feelings. 

Ralphy and Jackson make the complicated subject of emotional intelligence accessible for kids to understand and more importantly, implement in their everyday lives.

  1. The Crayon Man

How were crayons created? Inventor Edwin Binney loved color and with the help of his cousin, Harold Smith, he began inventing writing tools, like slate pencils and chalk. 

But this wasn’t enough, so he and his team experimented with materials like paraffin wax and ground bright-colored rocks and minerals into powder. This book teaches your child where crayons came from whilst being a vibrant and exciting read. 

  1. The Kindness Machine


There's a mysterious new machine in Mr. Wilson's second-grade class. Instead of grownups telling children to "make good choices" and "be kind," this special machine shows the students exactly what they can do to bring kindness to their classroom and into their own heart! But what happens when it's time to leave school? Mr. Wilson lets his class in on a secret that they have their very own Kindness Machine inside them to spread kindness wherever they go!

  1. Llama Llama Mess, Mess, Mess

Llama Llama would rather play than tidy his room so Mama helps him imagine what the house would look like if she only played and never cleaned. 

Llama Llama examines the mess and realizes he no longer has a place to play. He discovers that being clean is important and understands that he should be helping Mama to tidy. 

  1. Famous Seaweed Soup

It’s a family beach day and Sara wants to make her seaweed soup—her Famous Seaweed Soup. It’s a busy job! Sara asks for help, but her family is too busy. "All right," says Sara, "I’ll do it myself." No one helped her make her Famous Seaweed Soup, Find out who Sara invites to eat it! A fun story of a day at the beach, resilience, and independence!

  1. Brave Millie


It’s Picnic Day and Millie sets off with a basket of food to share with her friends, However, along the way, as she meets each of her friends they hear a noise that sends them running away. Millie wants Picnic Day to go ahead, and even though she is scared, moves on to looking for another friend.

  1. Emma's Sunflower

Mother Nature has a cunning plan and, much to Emma’s delight, a discarded sunflower seed snuggled deep in the soil grows through the different seasons and emerges on her birthday. The sunflower attracts the family of greenfinch Emma feared lost back to the garden. This lovely picture book covers concepts of nature, birds, seasons, colors, and counting. It's also created with a dyslexia-friendly font.

  1. That’s Okay

Emotions can feel strange and sometimes it can be hard to know how you feel and why. Luckily these colourful creatures are here to help. Through this book, you’ll meet these creatures who all have different emotions, from happy to sad. 

This can help your child to understand their own feelings!